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Stray Cats vow not to be 'underdogs' this year

By Sheria Brathwaite

Added 16th June 2017

The Stray Cats Calypso tent HAS promised to shun its “underdog” label and be a strong force this year.


The Stray Cats Calypso tent HAS promised to shun its “underdog” label and be a strong force this year.

Speaking at the launch on Tuesday at the Crane Resort, St Philip, tent manager Jerry Roberts, who goes by the name De Big Boar Cat, tent would showcase a range of dynamic performances.

He said patrons could look forward to hear Sobe singing HMS Bimshire and Looking Back, On Target doing Save The Children and The Figleaves, newcomer Pedro Benn, whose stage name is Prince Razule, with his popular song Cell Phone and Peter PJ Lovell.

They gave a taste of what is to come on June 25 when the tent officially opens.

First-time performer Charlie Belle, stage name Smooth Operator, sang the catchy chorus to one of his songs, Crop Over A Ting Ah Merry and Anthony Walrond, also known as De Cheerman, performed a verse and chorus to The Dog House.

Although the members of the tent were optimistic about the tent’s ability to qualify for the annual Pic-O-De-Crop competition, some of them called for a better judging system, citing a decline in spectators over the years that they bemoaned on the type of songs sung at the event.

“I remember in 1982 they were thousands of people at the semi-finals and finals but those numbers are going down,” said PJ.

“Last year I don’t even think we scrapped 4 000 at the finals and at the semis they were around 600. Why is this? I think the songs of the past really captured the imagination of people and somehow, along the line, we went away from songs and focused on the personalities and believing that these personalities would build the show.

“If we keep the same personalities and we find the numbers are dropping are we really dealing with the truth? It is always the songs that are going to attract people in the end,” he said. (SB)

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